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Easy to Use Decentralized Access Control

Powered by Threshold Cryptography

Medusa provides a simple, secure, decentralized solution for access control. Using threshold cryptography, Medusa is a decentralized network enabling user-defined authorization on private data.

Dapps need a simple way to manage access to private data on a public blockchain. With Medusa, dapps program access control rules natively on their platform and Medusa decrypts content for users who match the access control policy.

Use Cases

Medusa is meant to sit below your app to delegate access to encrypted contents.

  • Decentralized marketplace for private data, such as content (songs, or videos)
  • Token-gated platforms for NFT community engagment
  • Sensitive data platform where content is protected by complex conditions (e.g. multisigs, staking conditions, etc)

Developer Friendly

Medusa is a smart contract that anyone can use in the stack of their app. Developers can easily integrate Medusa with a few lines of code using their existing toolset.

  • Dapps interacts with the deployed Medusa contract via two methods (encrypt and decrypt)
  • Clients use the Typescript Medusa SDK library to locally encrypt and decrypt content using keys generated through a standard web3 wallet connection!


Medusa leverages threshold cryptography to decentralize cryptographic operations. The medusa network reencrypts private data towards any recipients deemed eligible via the application's access control policy.


Currently Medusa is in an early development phase, yet we already have a testnet on Arbitrum and Filecoin!

Medusa aims to deploy its tentacles on many chains, including Ethereum, Polygon, and Cosmos during the coming months.

Multichains (EVM, Cosmos) Q1 2013
Permissioned Network
Mainnet Release Q2 2023
Permissionless Network Q3 2023
Randomness Generation Q4 2023

The major items for 2023 are shipping mainnet on multiple production ready chains, transitioning from permissioned to permissionless networks and then servicing randomness requests.


Medusa is being built by experts in threshold cyrptography, inside the cryptonet team at Protocol Labs. We build decentralized protocols for the future of the Web.

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